The 火博体育 campus will be closed for the winter break Saturday, 12月16日至周一, 1月1日. No classes will be held at the Farmington, Aztec, or Kirtland campuses.



Whether you are a new or returning student at 火博体育, registering for classes is easy. Find your registration option below and follow the instructions.

我们鼓励你 向学术顾问求助 在注册课程之前. They can help you choose courses and create a detailed plan for your specific program.


  1. If this is your first time enrolling in 火博体育 classes, review the 录取学生指南. Make sure you have completed all steps necessary to start the registration process.
  2. 登录 MySJC. Click on the "Go to Self-Service for Students" button in the Self-Service for Students section. Select the Student Registration link in the Self-Service section. 
  3. 搜索你的课程,并把它们添加到你的计划中. 然后通过选择一个部分来安排你的课程. 这将把这门课添加到你的日历上.
  4. If you want to audit a course (take the class for no credit), be sure to choose the "Audit" option. 当你添加课程部分时,它会出现在评分下面. (For detailed instructions, see the Audit Registration video below.)
  5. Complete your registration by choosing the "注册 Now" button.

For detailed instructions on how to register for classes, watch the video below. 你也可以下载PDF格式的说明 MySJC Self-Service for Students section by clicking on the "Student Registration Instructions (PDF)" turquoise button.


Watch our tutorial video as we take you step-by-step through the registration process.


This tutorial video will take you step-by-step through the audit registration process.



注册 for courses that will provide professional and technical training to help advance your career.


Our personal enrichment classes are non-credit classes that will help you learn new skills and explore new hobbies.


Encore offers classes designed for students 50 years and over but are open to all students 18 and up. 如需注册,请致电(505)566-3214或致电30th 3401 E街教育中心. 30th 街.


孩子Kollege is a summer enrichment program for children between the ages of 4-15.



We are proud to provide a variety of class formats at 火博体育. 我们提供面对面、在线和混合课程. For questions about the different class formats, call (505) 566-4203.

The majority of SJC classes will be offered in an in-person format while ensuring COVID safe practices. 在 课程搜索, in-person classes will list campus locations, dates, and times. 

There are two types of online courses: 传统的在线 and 在线直播.


Most online courses will be offered as 传统的在线 classes. These classes do not have a set meeting time but are carefully designed to help students master the course objectives. Instructors will guide students via pre-recorded lectures and online discussions. They will also be available to students for assistance and feedback and hold virtual office hours.

在 课程搜索, 传统的在线 classes will be listed as Online with no specific class times.


一些在线课程将作为Live online课程提供. These classes meet online at designated times, and the instructor will be present. The course will run like an in-person course but the students and teacher will be in separate locations.

课程搜索, 在线直播将列出时间,日期和在线直播.

在混合班, students will meet in person on campus at scheduled times and work online to complete other work and assignments. These courses will balance the needs of students with the requirement of some classes where in-person instruction is important.

在 课程搜索, 混合类 will list times, dates, campus locations, and Face to Face/Web Combo.

A HyFlex (Student Select) course is content delivered in the classroom and simulcast via Zoom through Canvas via the internet. Courses can be attended on-campus or live online to fit the daily schedule of the student.

在 课程搜索, HyFlex Classes will list times, dates, campus locations, and Flex. 


在退学或退课之前, contact the Advising Center at (505) 566-3404 or the 金融援助 Office at (505) 566-3323. Our staff will help you understand how this may affect your financial aid, 奖学金, 学费余额, 等.


  • 如果你想在开课前退课,请到 MySJC.
  • Once logged into MySJC, click on “Student Registration” in Self-Service.
  • 点击“转到计划/时间表”
  • 在 plan and schedule, you can view the current courses you are registered in for that semester. To drop a single class, click on the "drop" button below the class description that you want to drop. 

If you need more help, contact a technology coach at (505) 566-3587.


  1. You can drop a class after the semester has started by sending an email to If you send the email from your official SJC student email, no signature is required. 在邮件中,请包括:
    • 你的名字
    • 学生证号码和/或出生日期
    • 课程名称
    • 课程数量
    • 课程部分

     2. Come to the 注册及记录 Office and complete a Drop form.

Your withdrawal will be effective as of the date the Request for Withdraw Letter is received by the SJC 注册及记录 Office.



  • Come to the 注册及记录 Office in the 教育al Services Building (Clock Tower) and complete the Student Withdrawal Form
  • Obtain your exit signatures and return the form to the 注册及记录 Office.



  • 写一封信要求退出你所有的课程. 这封信必须包括以下内容
    • 全名
    • 学号
    • 你退出的期限
    • 签字及日期
  • 提交撤回申请信:
    • 邮寄至:火博体育注册和记录
    • 传真:505-566-3500
    • 扫描一份书面请求,从任何电子邮件地址发送到:
    • 电邮请求: (If sent from student's official SJC student email, no signature is required)

电话: (505) 566-4203


上午8点.m. - 5 p.m.